Stress mgmt. and burnout

Hi Friends this is Michael Mullarkey

Coming to you from St. Louis Mo. Lets talk about stress and on the job burnout.

Stress is a major cause of disease. Men of goodwill wish to mitigate on the job stress for many good reasons. Of course disease prevention is one good reason this helps firms provide good insurance benefits at a lower cost. Another good reason to mitigate distress on the job is productivity, and results. Both productivity and results suffer in stressful situations causing customer dissatisfaction a major issue for good business people. Owners are supported by customers this is an inter-dependent relationship. Effected by associates who need rest and relaxation in order to perform well. Eustress is good stress that can manifest due to good customer relations. We are motivated by self-interest which is realized by helping customers. Burnout or overwork is undesirable it causes distress, lack of productivity and hinders good results it also causes disease. Rest and relaxation therapies are in order to include, music therapy, massage, and meditation. This is all good business and good relations.


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